Animal Rights

Speaker: Steven Wise
video link: here

“But being human and being a legal person has never been, and is not today, synonymous with a legal person. Humans and legal persons are not synonymous.”

“On the one side, there have been many human beings over the centuries who have been legal things. Slaves were legal things. Women, children, were sometimes legal things.”

“…on the other side are legal persons, but they’ve never only been limited to human beings. There are, for example, there are many legal persons who are not even alive. In the United States, we’re aware of the fact that corporations are legal persons. In pre-independence India, a court held that a Hindu idol was a legal person, that a mosque was a legal person. In 2000, the Indian Supreme Court held that the holy books of the Sikh religion was a legal person, and in 2012, just recently, there was a treaty between the indigenous peoples of New Zealand and the crown, in which it was agreed that a river was a legal person who owned its own riverbed.”

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