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Waiting Room Policy

What should the policy be? A clip from Curb Your Enthusiasm…

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Is Data sentient? Can he reason?

Is Star Trek’s Commander Data a sentient being? Can he reason? Explore possible answers to those questions in the episode titled “The Measure of a Man”. View the clip here.

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Conceptual Analysis

A brief introduction to a common practice in contemporary philosophy By Andrew Cullison Several more resources

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Animal Sentience Journal

Animal Sentience: An Interdisciplinary Journal on Animal Feeling

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Has reasoned thinking lost its power?

Speakers: Rebecca Newberger Goldstein & Steven Pinker

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Bonobo intelligence

Speaker: Susan Savage-Rumbaugh video link: here Kanzi the bonobo @ Wikipedia: here “… There were Tasmanians who were discovered around the 1600s and they had no fire. They had no stone tools. To our knowledge they had no music. So … Continue reading

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